Friday, April 04, 2008

Chanting for new Moon ~

The exact new moon occurs on Saturday, Apr. 5, at 10:56 PM EDT in
Toronto, and in Gujarat, India it will be on Apr. 6 at 8:26 AM, IST. The
new moon occurs in Aries in Line 5 of the I Ching hexagram "Limitation".
The image is one of dangerous pleasure and indiscriminant impulse.
The challenge in this hexagram is to remain alert and keep a vigilant
discriminating eye on ones passions. Misguided strength and pleasure
will cause harm. It becomes important to control ones temper and hold
onto inner peace. In this way false aggression can be stopped at its
root. This Aries new moon is particularly angry, aggressive and warlike.
Action will escalate rapidly. Kindness will seem far away. Chanting on
this New Moon will consecrate what actions you do take. If we chant
powerfully enough we will acknowledge God as the source of all and
the director of all our actions. Chanting here will revitalize the soul and
inspire helpful actions rather than harmful ones. Purify your intent and
align it to the greater light. This can only help.
In other Ages it takes long periods of time to find enlightenment, but only
in the Age of Kali can one find enlightenment and God by simply
chanting. Chanting creates an emotional experience of God. It revitalizes our
entire psyche and creates a positive attitude towards dealing with life's
challenges. Join us and see for yourself.
The New Moon can energize and enhance the seeds of bhakti and
bhava (divine love and devotion). It will also give the psyche a bath and
quiet the mind. Chant and love yourself. It can only improve your life and
the world.
When you are chanting God's name, God is there. The more you chant
God's name the more God is there. It's as simple as that. We will chant to
the MOTHER DIVINE and to Shri MA KALI in specific. We create sound flowers,
with petals of God's name, and offer them to God/dess.
A divine offering. A holy event.
Chanting puts a song in your heart and light in the darkness.
Come and join us. Call for details or email: