Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Eclipses are with us all of March ... Transformation continues!

As with every New Moon, it is an augury of a new beginning. Yet with eclipses, there is something far more profound and potent about the new terrain in which we are about to enter. You might have felt the intensity of its particular effect building for months, and either consciously navigating towards a certain new direction, or it may just have just dawn upon you as one big blaring light that rudely catches you deep is a blissful slumber, telling you that your life is now going in this direction.

Either way – whether you expected this total shift of consciousness or it caught you unaware, when it hit you, you know it's for real. This is nothing fleeting. The shift is here, and it’s here to stay.

What has been given to us in this last shower of light is primarily about nurturance and healing. These are qualities that reside within our human spirit, must must be accessed with a sense of consciousness. Treat this moment in history as an awakening of the capacity of your soul to find ways to nurture and soothe you form your confusion, your loss of power and fears of not being accepted and loved.

Stay tuned for more useful updates on how to navigate through this very emotional period leading up to and including the lunar eclipse in Libra (March 23) 
Blessings,Ang Stoic