Thursday, August 25, 2016

BABUJI ... My first YOGA teacher and initiation...

" The sadhana of purification of speech is simply to learn to speak the truth. From a yogic perspective, as long as we haven't learned to speak the truth, we haven't learned to speak. 

We know that the headstand is a difficult posture, yet the purification of speech is more difficult than a thousand headstands. The great masters realized long ago that purification of speech was extremely difficul
t. They recommended taking regular periods of time for silent self-observation.

In my life, silence has blessed me with the opportunity for deep self-observation. Whenever I have behaved improperly during the day, those events jump right back out in front of me during my silent sadhana time. I consider this a wonderful grace, because this is how I grow and become a more truthful person."

~Beloved Bapuji