Wednesday, April 04, 2018

APRIL - Reactivity could arise ... stay conscious:

An April Month of Introspection and Transformation ...

The astrology of April features Mercury is retrograde all month long, when you take the period of  Mercury’s retrograde shadow into account. This is the two weeks or more required for the tiny “messenger of the Gods” to recover its lost zodiacal longitude.  Mercury in April is indicating a time of deep reflection on important values, and closely aspecting expansionist Jupiter. This is thus a truly powerful Mercury Retrograde period, when much within you will be subject to a process of reflection and introspection. The eventual goal is nothing less than a more complete awareness of inner values, and of what you are attempting to accomplish in this lifetime. 

Lots of focus on problems connected with early childhood trauma and to speed healing these issues by bringing them closer to consciousness. Because prominent in the recent mid-March New Moon, this is up for pretty much everyone during the first two weeks of April, especially those with concentrations in the mutable signs. Working with an Astrologer is especially valuable right now.  Almost always, when reactivity arises, it is based on core issues that stem from the trauma of particular incidents with parental figures or with early siblings or peers, and become buried away, walled off behind a veil of suppression. The hurt child within does appear, however, when triggering takes place. Instead of turning away from these facets of ourselves, the recommendation is to make friends with these cast-off parts of you that still yearn for the comfort and caring that was missing at the time of the earlier traumatic event. As a more fully conscious adult, with effort, you might be able to supply it. This has the tremendous result, when you can pull it off, of removing blocks to progress in many areas, allowing you to become the person that you were always meant to be.

Major structural life changes are beckoning the 2nd half of April, so be ready for deep transformation.

We are dealign with potent archetypal stew that will further test our ability to keep up with major change taking place in our lives, and also see us through an important crisis of working these out. If we are doing our work, we emerge tired but elated, into the dawn of a new stage of our earthly existence.