Sunday, April 29, 2018

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The Need for Meaning

You know, human life is an ideological flow. It is movement from crudity to subtlety. The basic animal needs: to have shelter, food, procreation, survival; these are shared by many creatures in the world. The defining quality of a human being is the ability to self-reflect and through that self-reflection to make choices between what is meaningful and towards the light, towards wholeness, towards depth, towards truth and what serves self-centered, fearful intentions. 
So, in human life there is both the opportunity for selflessness and love to guide you and the tendency to give way to fear and thus anger and darker emotions and mean actions towards others. In human life many times people lose their way. And, when they lose their way they become absorbed in a variety of activities that do not fulfill them. Being unfulfilled, they become restless. When a person becomes restless, they may be self critical, discouraged with the opportunities that are not there in their life. 
People often resort to drugs, alcohol and addictions. And through those addictions, they try to numb their pain and to find some small momentary happiness. But the addiction, unfortunately, creates a situation of again greater need and an inability to fulfill that need. But why do people turn to drugs and alcohol? Why do people find this restless unhappiness in their life? In today's world depression and anxiety are extremely common. Why is that the symptom of the modern society? 
To simply live to survive, even if you gain significant wealth and prosperity, is rarely enough for a human being because it does not fulfill your human dharma. Human life is a movement, a movement towards spirit, towards life, towards light, towards the one divine consciousness. It's an awakening of consciousness from mere physicality to subtlety. The whole universe is accessible to you within you. You are a consciousness that can awaken from identity with being a mere physical body to consciousness and awareness of the whole universe. All knowledge lies within you. So, if you want to know all, know one. Know your own self. Without meaning, without purpose, human life becomes difficult. A dissatisfaction grows in people when they lack meaningful direction and activity in their life. 
Without purpose, without a goal (ishta), and a path (a darshan) -- without these things, people become restless dissatisfied. They feel as if they are confined and cannot move forward and they become hedonistic and many times addicted to various things because they have not found their dharma. They have not found their purpose. Their life has not taken on the meaning that it needs to have to be a truly meaningful dharmic human life. 
But when the person awakens, meets the challenge of their humanity and gathers themselves to find the call of dharma within -- to find the purpose and meaning in their life, the direction for their self expression in the world, and the direction for their inquiry to know the divine to know the self within, then that human life becomes meaningful, important. A human being begins to feel significance to their life. There's importance to their life. There is reason for them to be here.
Truth and wisdom and love cannot be separated. Wisdom is not an intellectual pursuit. It is a pursuit of the heart. Wisdom and true knowledge comes through the heart, comes when you have connectedness in love -- in love, within you. There are endless forms in this universe, innumerable forms. The human mind cannot contain the amount of expression of form in this universe, but the relationship of love comes with form and without form. It is within you and all around you. The opportunity of love is everywhere and should you choose to live in love rather than in fear and to find in there the deep meaning of your life, then the vibrancy of life awakens in you and the opportunities for expression of your being begin to be clear to you. 
 So do not waste this human life. Spend this precious opportunity that you have to find the inner way to your own heart, to our own deepest love. Find in the stillness, in the silence, the bliss, the ananda, the love that you share with the divine one -- that is beyond all forms and yet within all forms. And, share that love in your expression in the world and know the truth: the wisdom that comes from that deepest source from that deepest love. 
Explore the vastness of this universe in the inner terrain of your own being. And find the light of bliss, the joy that is the substance, the meaning of life. Become a man or woman of wisdom and surely this life of yours will be great indeed. This is a precious opportunity you have. Use it wisely. Know the beloved one in all forms and without form. The wisdom of the ages lies within you and each of you has a very special gift. Each of you is a gift to this world. Let that flow through you. Open to your deepest nature and let it be expressed in this world. Live a life with meaning, service and love. 

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