Saturday, April 28, 2018

Stay connected to the FULL MOON depth:

Sunday evening’s Full Moon in Scorpio is interesting because possessed of quite a lot of outer planet energy, plus Saturn. The transformational effects of the planetary dance reminds us of the major structural changes in our personal lives that are coming down, as seen also in the surrounding collective.  Our individual awareness points to this archetype of Feminine Warrior energy for soul intention. By this we are also reminded that the point of our personal evolution is that we get closer to our soul’s desire as relating to our mission as humans on the planet at this particular time. This calls for your dedication to your deepest values, that which you feel called upon to articulate, and to fight for, no matter what. The fact that Saturn is fully invoked now is a two-edged sword, because even though you are slowed down in all that you wish to accomplish, so that everything is harder, like slogging through deep mud, your dedication and commitment is simultaneously high, to succeed in overcoming that which needs to be overcome, for the sake of the future, and for your own personal arc of development  staying connected to your own dark, scorpionion places inside yourself.