Sunday, May 13, 2018


"A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away". 
Actually it was timeless, ever so near,  
and within a dark so deep
light was yet to reveal. 
The Undivided simply present - then at
the beginning of beginnings
with a single thrust began creation.

The old Baptist will say it was a hiccup,
but actually S/He imaged a hip to sway
to the hum unborn that longed for a song.
Out of no-thing cosmic infatuation, 
inflated the Light, 
then Light needed a dancefloor.
Scientists call it the big-bang,
and it was rather intense.

One of Her sons,Ramana Mahrishi said;
" The whole of wisdom is contained
in two Bible verses: "I am that I Am"
and " Be still and know I that I am God."
The Mother whose hips are not frozen,
knows who She Is, has no problem
in bowing as the lesser God,
adds a third suggestion from the Source
older than all texts.

" Move and embrace the fullness to embody
that I Am...Release yourself from the
cushion that allows stillness to dance.
Enter fully the grace of life,
sway with the Song of God.
Serve as you pulse through time and space.
Call Her Mother, she as wisdom is God active.
There is no division.
She is the Way being is present
in becoming.
To dance with Her is to seek Him,
to be with Her is to know God everywhere.
To love Her is to serve life
and to Love Her is to be loved by God.
The patterns of creation, are laced
in grace and love, is wisdom's fulfillment.
She knows the way home for S/He never left
any thing that was not already that One. 
S/He is tethered to every heart
and emblazoned in every soul.
When God moves it is wisdom,
S/he is called the Mother. "

      sparrow MATTES