Friday, May 04, 2018

in the midst of it all....
I am grateful for the pulse of life that fills all creation. I am grateful for life and for each unique life stream. 
I am grateful for the capacity of human consciousness that allows us direct being with Truth/Love/Thee. 
I am grateful for the beauty of the earth and the grandeur of the night sky and to see and feel and even embody love and peace.
I am grateful that we are all breathed together.
I am grateful for the grace that allows us to be fully present with Thou as co-creators in this fantastic odyssey to remember ourSelf. 
I am ever grateful for the truth that is within every soul with its capacity for global opening into unity consciousness where we know that each other as parts of ourSelf, where the stars and all life everywhere are intimately interconnected in awake living consciousness. 
I am grateful for this planetary re-membrance beyond any words that i shall ever be able to speak. 
I am grateful for the grace that allows us to be madly widly in love with Thee. 
I am grateful how gratitude turns to praise that sets the day in love, as the Sun rises this day.