Thursday, May 03, 2018

MARS and his powerful exaltation ....

Mars will first approach Ketu in early June in Capricorn. On the highest level, in the sign of Capricorn, the Mars/Ketu conjunction encourages us to work hard at business but often we are frustrated or blocked leading to deep-seeded anger and resentment. If you watch small kids in a playground, they get angry, fully express it and then go back to being normal. Anger is a natural emotion that is often an expression of an unfulfilled desire. Kids are great about it but we tend to repress our anger until it explodes and that is dangerous. As I have said before, transmute the anger by doing charity work and channel the energy into positive social service rather than raging at things that you cannot control.
This conjunction challenges us to be happy with our own power and leadership and this may be the case particularly among women, so express it now if it comes up. This transit supports mathematics and engineering so this is the time to go deep into invention mode. For Scorpio and Aries rising, it will foster spiritual experience and intuition, as Ketu is the most spiritual planet. This is an excellent time for a meditation retreat or extra spiritual practice. Other activities may be frustrating.