Friday, May 04, 2018

Overcoming Ignorance ...

Overcome the “Three Poisons” with Tibetan Medicine
The Buddha taught that ignorance is the primary cause of suffering and gave us an antidote—the dharma. In a similar vein, the ancient system of Tibetan medicine views ignorance as an underlying factor in our bodily afflictions.

In this month’s Dharma Talk series, Dr. Eliot Tokar offers us an introduction to this rich and long-standing tradition that combines medical science and spirituality. Unlike Western medicine, which often sends patients to different practitioners for different issues, Tibetan medicine examines the interdependent relationship between the body and mind, providing a holistic diagnosis. Throughout his four talks this month, Dr. Tokar will explain how Tibetan medicine practices can help us overcome the “three poisons” of ignorance, attachment, and anger, and achieve greater balance in our health and spiritual practice.