Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Poetry by Meno Lopez ...

~ Today, things may not feel right.
You may be asking a serious question.
“What is happening to my life? "

This should be a sign that you've
got to stop just existing and really
start living and feeling more alive.
Start on a new path to make the
most out of this life.

Begin to live more from your truth.
Stop working so hard.
Connect more fully with people.
Express your passion and feelings
more fully.
Allow yourself to be happier.
All of this is part of the fullness and
pleasure of being here and living well.

Sometimes we overthink or 
over analyze things, only to find 
ourselves paralyzed by our 
own minds. 
We should be thinking less 
and doing more. 
Time is limited.

When those final days arrive
and you look back on your life, 
all of your regrets will be based on
one major thing that you kept doing,
you sabotaged yourself over and over
because too many times you never
left your comfort zone,
when you should have.

To truly live, is to live free from a 
comfort zone that only surrounds you
with low energy existence, fear, 
and hesitation.
Time to step out of the zone,
break that bubble and
fly free from fear.

Life should be a pursuit of the new,
taking it to the next level,
pushing boundaries and exploring. 

Develop a lifestyle of abundance.
A regular job ( Just Over Broke ),
can only get you so far. 

Never compare yourself to others.
Always make yourself your only 
by being a better person today than
you were yesterday ~

~ Meno ~