Monday, June 04, 2018

Be a NICE Human ...

The world I was born into is dying. We are divining a satiric example of extreme humanism. We. Are. Lost.
Greed to govern over, rather than live peacefully with, simply overturned the delicate balance of life on Earth. You know what I speak, it surrounds your days & haunts your nights.
Can you see the unparalleled & obvious resistance has a long way to go to create a force strong enough to usurp the evil that reigns over us at this time?
To realize that reign is a suspicious reflection of the zombified nation of unwilling, paralyzed, pharmaceutical-ized recruits to an enslaved society based in consumerism, lies and stagnation makes for a less than peaceful daily existence.
Yet, we still search for something to hold on to. Like, the traditional stories based in relic and religion which ironically always ended in blood baths, too capitalized to be truthfully prophesied, while the sacred messages all became watered reflections and it's intention's auto-corrected. Their dead saviors all bought, while the living betrayed.
Profit size, is what we tread by, trading living with other species for complete domination. And, still, we seek solace by game days, super sizes, alternative realities and theme park drama diaries. We have become sedentary surfers on a carbon monoxide dream.
So, our world is over populated and begins to crumble into a rubble. No matter the tiny steps toward a more sustainable existence, greed and power disease us. It's sad that the truth of those losses will be you, me, we and they as the extinction, enormous, the diversity, eradicated and all that's beautiful and good in this world, desecrated. Nothing more penetrable is The human race plagues its Mother's plight.
Struggling for the last gasps before it all ends and something else begins. We are fish out of water or a deer in agony with an arrows pang. It's a sadness I knew of before birth. It's a pain carried within ever more as my nightmares now walk in the daylight these last 100 days.
Our children's children will look back and see how we failed as they inherit even greater losses than we. They will derive how an illness overtook humanity which lead to a powerful disease killing our greatest assets as human beings, compassion, empathy & truth.
Greed to govern over, rather than live peacefully with, simply overturned the delicate balance of life on Earth.
Our world is dying. You know it. I know it. What are we going to do with the time that's left?

Author unknown