Saturday, June 30, 2018

Death of Narcissus --

"All our alienation and atomization are reflected in the crumbling of such time-honored social values as the right of privacy and the sanctity of the individual; as they yield to the intensities of the new technology’s electric circus, it seems to the average citizen that the sky is falling in. As man is tribally metamorphosed by the electric media, we all become Chicken Littles, scurrying around frantically in search of our former identities, and in the process unleash tremendous violence. As the preliterate confronts the literate in the postliterate arena, as new information patterns inundate and uproot the old, mental breakdowns of varying degrees—including the collective nervous breakdowns of whole societies unable to resolve their crises of identity—will become very common.” - (Marshall McLuhan… Interview In Playboy from 1969)
McLuhan was also famous for saying… "We drive into the future using only our rearview mirror.” 50 years later, this is still our fundamental misapprehension. We keep trying to solve today’s problems with yesterday’s solutions, without seeing that the scope of our problems are decades in the making. The world no longer looks or works the way it did, when our parents and grandparents were wrestling with their problems. 
We are no longer who we were, and we can’t become who we will be until we let go of the expired modes of thought and action that got us here, and keep us here. It’s time for a full reboot into freer, brighter, more connected and generous versions of ourselves, at which point old modes of seeing the world will fall away. The race is between the two sides of history; the past and the future. The fate of humankind hangs in the balance.
Painting “Death of Narcissus."by Scott Siedman