Saturday, June 02, 2018


"The stronger you are, the bigger ego you will have" is an incorrect statement. Ego is not a reality but a perception of self in which we project ourselves better or superior to others in some way or the other. It is also a way to safeguard or protect ourselves from things that can harm us otherwise. The self is the soul, it is our true existence. Something that is truly powerful doesn't need protection. Something that is corruptible or weak or gullible needs strong protection. When the soul is weak, it needs to have a strong ego to stroke it or protect it from external harm. Some simple criticism can hurt such souls greatly and the ego comes forward to fight it. Truly strong people don't care what people think about them - not in an arrogant way but in a self confident way. Such strength doesn't need praise or appreciation. They know exactly what he want and they get it. However, if such strong souls have wisdom and kindness backing them, they evolve as strong individuals who care about others, expecting nothing in return. When they are criticized, they react to it by understanding the critic more than getting carried away by the criticism. They are strong and wise so they are also open to admitting their mistakes and most importantly they worship truth. Where as ego is a false perception and is generally rooted in perception, true power of the self is rooted in truth. So, I believe that - "The stronger you are, the lesser ego you will have".