Sunday, June 24, 2018

Forgiveness ...

~ Forgiveness of others is the path 
that actually opens our hearts 
to our own self-love.

You will not be able to love yourself
without forgiving yourself 
and others, first. 

Being unwilling to forgive, is a terrible
thing to do to ourselves. 
Bitterness of the heart is like swallowing 
a teaspoon of poison every day,
it accumulates and harms us
in many crippling ways. 

It is impossible to be healthy and free
when we keep ourselves bound to
these past judgements that we have made. 
The incident is over, perhaps long over,
it is time to let it go. 

Leave your role as supreme judge,
and realize that many negative things
will happen,
because of difficult reasons, 
reasons we may never become 
fully aware of. 

Decide instead to live from
a compassionate core. 
Compassion for all the different types
of hardships that people face, 
that lead them into making decisions,
that are not always the best ones. 

Always be ready to seek a spirit
of redemption, 
and allow yourself to be free ~