Friday, June 01, 2018

JUNE already -

"Spring being a tough act to follow, God created June." (Al Bernstein)
Wow, is anyone else amazed that it's June already? The time is flying and we'll be at the middle of 2018 by the end of this month. June is named after the Roman goddess of marriage, Juno, the wife of the supreme deity Jupiter. So Jupiter through Juno blesses this month, according to western mythology anyway. 
It's Friday today too, known as Sukravaar in Vedic astrology, the day of Venus. In Vedic tradition, Venus is the guru of the material realm (asuras), and Jupiter is the guru of the spiritual realm (devas). And today we have a perfect harmonious trine (120-degree aspect) between these two gurus. Jupiter and Venus are also the greatest benefics who reflect our karmas gently and with ease. What a lovely way to begin this new month as Jupiter and Venus now align us with wisdom, connection, beauty, love, romance, support, kindness, wealth, harmony, comfort, and happiness. 
This trine is even more harmonious as Jupiter is transiting in Venus' sign of Libra. And when two planets are in a trine, it means they are in association (conjunct) in the navamsa, the ninth-harmonic chart, which represents the fruit that grows on the tree of our life. This suggests some bighearted energy and extra-good luck for some of us. 
Venus in Gemini and Jupiter in Libra also form a grand AIR trine with Neptune in Aquarius. This is lovely for connecting with and communicating about higher values and principles as well as tuning into spiritual and artistic realms.
And, there's always a potential downside too, even for such aspects of good fortune. In this case, Venus is Out of Bounds now. This happens when a planet's declination is beyond the outer bounds or limits of that of the Sun, i.e. greater than 23 degrees and 27 minutes of declination (kranti), either North or South, which makes a planet act like it's on steroids (can be a bit out of control)! 
Also, Venus and Jupiter conjoin Mars and Mercury in Aries in the navamsa which may manifest with self-interest or impulsivity. So with this along with the trine between Jupiter and Venus, there's some potential for excess, as in going for and taking in too much of a good thing. Some of us may need to watch any tendency for self-indulgence or going overboard with sensuous and material distractions, such as over-spending or eating and so on.
I hope that you have a lovely weekend and a truly blessed and beautiful new month ahead! And may Jupiter and Venus shine wisdom and love on you today and always!

~by the illustrious Juliana Swanson