Tuesday, June 05, 2018


You thought you were calling a wild woman, something beautiful — a goddess with sex tossed hair and skin that glowed like the moon. 
But you called La Loba. You called Baba Yaga. You called Kali. You called Inanna. You called Pele. You called the Crone.
You called the Dark Goddess to you. 
She is the One that walks with sword and flame. Her face and hands are stained with blood and dirt. The earth shakes when she moves. The ocean swells.
You thought she would set you free. You thought she would give you power. You thought she would help you find something of yourself you lost. 
But perhaps you did not know that first she would turn you to ash. First she would have to destroy everything that you think you are.
And when she arrives, most who called her forth will run away in fear, they will take back their prayers and wish they had never seen her face. But a few will stop, turn towards her and in that secret place of their heart, whisper, “take me”.
Sevapreet Hesser from the heart of Hawaii
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