Wednesday, June 13, 2018

new moon musings ...

New Moon energy ::: now through tomorrow 12:42 pm PDT, when the new phase shifts to the first phase of the waxing Moon. 
At the new Moon phase the Moon is weak and the Sun is strong. Think about how the Moon virtually disappears at this time. At the full Moon phase, the Sun is weak and the Moon is bright, full and strong. 
This new Moon actually falls right at mid-day (western sky), in earthly Taurus when the Sun is at its hottest and brightest in the sky, the Moon will conjoin the Sun and virtually disappear. Since the Moon is associated with emotions, the public, sociability and intuition, this new Moon phase, now through mid-day tomorrow will be very good for internal work, developing intuition, etc... Not as suitable for social events, etc.. You may be able to see newly waxing moon in western sky for a brief moment after sunset June 14 as it struggles to become full once again opposite the Sun.
The only other major influence to this new Moon phase is Venus. Venus is currently in the sign of Cancer, as Moon moves through Taurus, owned by Venus. So a lovely connection between the planet of beauty, love and art in watery Cancer and this very sensitive and private new Moon in Taurus. 
This is also a new Moon “Supermoon”. One of three that will occur first tomorrow, then in July and August. The Moon will be very close to earth. So expect a significant emotional pull at this time from the Moon!
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art by AquaSixio