Sunday, June 10, 2018


In these very uncertain times, it is best to seek the stability of that which is certain. 
One of the most regular phenomenons in the world is the Sun. It rises and sets each day without fail. It reaches its peak around noon. 
Astronomically, the Sun moves one degree each day. That way it moves through one sign of the zodiac every 30 days.
In Vedic astrology, the Sun rules the sign of Leo.
It is a significator for health, vitality, power, the heart, royalty, bones, and the father.
The Sun brings light, heat, warmth, and illumination.
It is the ruler of the day and the Moon is the ruler of the night.
The Sun is known as Surya Deva. It has many other appellations including Ravi. (RUH-vee) Sundays are called Ravivar (the day of Ravi) in Sanskrit and Hindi and other Indian dialects).
Surya is depicted as having 4 arms and riding a chariot pulled by 7 horses.
You can propitiate Surya by chanting Surya mantras, including the Gayatri mantra.