Thursday, June 28, 2018

The cosmic interplay ...

The transiting planets in the Heavens are applying their drishti-or gaze saying: “Stop, look at me, I have something to say”. They are connected to the unfolding events and actions we have taken in our co-creation of the universe no matter what camp or ideology we have our allegiance to.
When our principles and devotions are committed to the essence of Divine law, our thoughts, actions and aspirations shine with sattva, the essence of the highest form intelligence demonstrated through loving and compassionate actions and taught by the great masters and mystics throughout time. Evil, simply is the absence of Love.
The 3 approaching eclipses occurring are approximately 2 weeks apart each:
July 13 partial solar eclipse-Moon in Gemini, and 2 weeks later the July 27th Total Lunar Eclipse at 10 degrees Capricorn, ruled by Saturn planet of Karma, and will be in tight orb with retrograde Mars and Ketu (of losses- behaves like Mars). 
The energy of anger and opposition has been bubbling up and bubbling over as seen the volcanic eruptions in Hawaii, Japan, Guatemala, and Indonesia, with future unexpected earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and tornadoes.
The fiery energies of retrograde Mars and Ketu express the current enraged emotional qualities, having the potential to manifest the destruction of wild fires with the underlying desire to purge and cleanse intense emotional rage.
Mercury the planet and Karaka of communications and travel will conjunct transiting Rahu in Cancer ruled by the Moon which rules the mind-manos, during the first week of July, indicating travel, communications and computers may be sabotaged through opposition axis of retrograde Mars and Ketu in Capricorn. 
Air travel is not recommended during this time period.
There may be extreme expression of fundamentalism and terrorism with the intensity of anger erupting in the psyche with Moon as dispositor of Mercury. This can create instability and irrational outbursts.
During the July 27 Total Lunar Eclipse, retrograde Mercury will be in Gandanta at 29 degrees, a critical point between water and fire, creating feelings of drowning which can mean emotional turbulence as well as extreme natural disasters.
The conjunction 3 planets: Sun, Mercury and Rahu square retrograde Mars conjunct Ketu and retrograde Uranus-Aries, the planet of sudden and unexpected events. 
Two weeks later after the Full Lunar Eclipse, the Full Solar eclipse on August 11 occurs in Cancer ruled by the Moon, opposing retrograde Mars and Ketu in Capricorn; again mirroring intense primordial and subconscious anger in the mind, while intensity will increase amongst the masses with intense heat waves throughout August.
This is time of exposing government corruptions, with radical changes in existing powers. Women will express their losses and injustices and bring up all that has been hidden since Mars in Capricorn represents government, conjunct Ketu spiritualizing and behaving like Mars, while pushing up and exposing deceit with Sun, the luminary in Cancer ruled by the Moon, shining light onto matters opposing Mars with Ketu in Saturn.
Lastly, Saturn conjunct retrograde Pluto exposes hidden matters, organized crime, and corrupt politics. This conjunction magnifies these matters globally suggesting over turning of governments, massive shifts with in governments and extreme political unrest.  
This is a time which sparks revolutions.