Tuesday, June 05, 2018

VOLCANIC eruption/combustion:

“Volcanic eruption: Combustion, Anger and Aggression” 
Lunar Last Quarter June 4-7
I used to speak my grief, then weep.
Now my heart’s the source of tears.
They hang from my lashes like pearls.
Be patient, Makhfi, with your pain.
It is endless.Put suffering aside.
Look: The angel of immortality is pointing.

~By Sajjaad Hussian Peerbhai, Hindi film music composer

We tread carefully now as the passage of the stressed Moon the past week may have left emotional debris in its wake! As the Moon moves toward the Last Quarter in its monthly lunar journey (June 6) it first connected June 3 with the red-planet MARS, which is now within a few degrees of an exact meeting with the lunar SOUTH NODE (Ketu). This occurs between June 7 (true node) and June 14 (mean node), a fiery combustible union:
“Mars represent fire and so does Ketu. Two fire planets together can be combustible, and we need to be careful that it does not consume us. Ketu represents past karma and its conjunction with Mars can bring old karmic issues to light, they can be areas of anger and aggression that we had buried deep or unresolved issues about power. When or if they erupt, then we must deal with them with calmness and wisdom – impulsive reactions are not going to be very helpful.” (Komilla Sutton)
The Moon remains in the same house with the South Node Monday, June 4. On Tuesday, June 5, the Lord of Karma and obstruction moves back in retrograde motion to the lunar constellation that lies at the heart of the galaxy, associated with the Destructive-Creatrix archetypes: Kali, Niritti, Pele. This is the Root Star, and many may experience extreme reversals or losses in their lives while SATURN remains in this constellation until the end of November 2018. The key calendar dates to exercise extreme caution in how we relate to others and events in our lives are while MARS remains in the house with the South Node though the first week of November. Two more MARS-SOUTH NODE conjunctions following the first on June 7-14 occur near the eclipses and equinox: July 18-23 and Sept 22-27.
The signs that are most impacted during these transits are the sidereal signs of Capricorn, where Mars and the South Node are found, and the opposing sign of Cancer (containing the North Node) as well as the Mars-ruled signs of Scorpio, also co-ruled by the South Node, and Aries, ruled by Mars.
“Mars is all about power and how we deal with it depends on how we discipline ourselves not to re-act to provocation by useless issues – keep our feet grounded, not try to win all arguments and avoid disputes.” (Komilla Sutton) 

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