Wednesday, July 11, 2018

AYURVEDA and Summer ...

How Can Honey Dew, Cucumber & Mint Popsicles Make You Feel Great?


Ever hear the phrase, "cool as a cucumber"? Honeydew and cucumber cool your blood and offer a refreshing reprieve from the heat. As it cools, cucumber also detoxifies your blood and relieves stress. 

Summer heat makes your heart beat fast & heavy. With so much overheated blood, you'll notice the tip of your tongue turns red. The excessive blood flow aggravates your liver, and could cause your temper to flare. 

Honeydew and cucumber refresh your body in summertime. They cool your blood, soothe your liver and calm your temper. Mint is a perky addition that cools you down by helping you perspire.


Eating Ayurvedically makes you feel nourished and energized. An Ayurvedic diet is tailored to your individual body type and the specific imbalances you are working with at any given time. Foods that supplement your specific body type’s needs and digest easily create your menu. Watch as you eat less but feel more satisfied because what you are eating truly nourishes you. Since Ayurveda believes all disease begins in the digestive tract, food is your first medicine. By eating a healthy diet that’s ideal for your body, you experience optimal health.