Thursday, July 12, 2018

Devotion to the GURU ...

Cosmic Story

Farmer and The Guru

Every day, Guru Nath, Sri Narasimaha Saraswati, used to travel to the Sangam (confluence of three rivers) for a bath. On his way, a farmer used to approach him and give prostrations at his feet, both when he came and went from the river. The farmer did this every day.
One day, Guru Nath asked him why he was so particular about doing this, not ever missing one day. The farmer replied that because of the Guru's grace, he had always had a good crop, even when his neighbors had a failure. Moreover, he was always able to pay the owner of the land his rent, even when other farmers had trouble. He added that Guru's darshan was a feast for his eyes and sustenance for his soul. He said he could not do without Guru Nath's darshan, even for a day. Guru Nath was pleased with the farmer's devotion. He walked into his field and looked at it. The crop of jowar, or sorghum, was coming up well and should be ready for harvest in one month's time.
Guru Nath asked if the farmer would do what he told him to do. The farmer said "You are my master, I will do whatever you say!" Guru Nath said "Cut the crop down to the stalks today." In those days, the farmer had to pay the landlord a portion of the crop as rent. The farmer rushed to the landlord and said "Let us fix the rent for the crop right now." The landlord said "It looks like a great crop this year - let's settle on twice as much as last year." The farmer agreed, and then hired a few laborers to cut the crop down.

When the farmer cut his sorghum before it was ready, everyone thought he had lost his mind. The neighbors rushed out, his wife rushed out, and they all accosted him. "Have you gone mad?" they asked. It appeared he was destroying his crop. They even went to the landlord and told him to stop the farmer. The farmer tried to explain that Guru Nath had ordered him to cut the sorghum. His wife was unimpressed. "That man is an ascetic! He knows nothing of farming." For almost a week, the farmer had to endure the bitter remarks of his wife, commenting on how her husband's devotion to this guru was bringing ruin on them. She was turning the home into a hell!
After a week, there was a cyclone (wind storm). All the other farmer's crops were blown over and destroyed. Because he had cut his stalks, the farmer's crop did not get uprooted. Moreover, the cyclone left a huge amount of water on the land. This water was drunk up the farmer's plants. Within a month, with a lot of sunshine, he had a huge harvest.
After this, the wife repented of her unkind remarks to Guru Nath. They both went to Guru Nath and bowed humbly before him. He promised them both liberation before death came to take them.
There is nothing more precious than devotion to a Guru. It is very rare in the world. These gurus still walk in the world, performing miracles in the world - it is not just something in books! It is a real blessing to obtain firm faith in the Guru, as this story illustrates.