Sunday, July 22, 2018


--Eclipses can be felt energetically for up to 90 days before the eclipse hits (!)
--The energies are very chaotic & unstable around the time of an eclipse (although also spiritually potent & creative)
--Eclipses have a way of stirring things up, bringing conflict to the surface, and kicking you into action
--A challenge, crisis or opportunity often appears for you in the areas of life that are associated with the place in your birth chart that an eclipse is hitting
--Not all eclipses will affect you the same--those eclipses that are touching sensitive points in your chart (such as making an aspect with your own natal sun, moon, or rising) will unleash the most energy for you
--The weeks before and after an eclipse generally have an effect that is similar to Mercury retrograde, in that there can be increased levels of confusion, and mental, spiritual and physical equilibrium tends to be "off"
--Act if you must, but remember that the weeks immediately before & after an eclipse are usually not the best times for making long-term decisions or attempting to make a giant push forward. 

~Cynthia Killion