Monday, July 02, 2018

When will the storm clouds lift??

Short-term this weekend we have a lot of triggers with the moon going over Mars/Ketu with the moon conjunct Mars and Ketu on June 30th. Be careful with driving this week with the Mercury/Mars opposition on July 5th and Rahu confusing the mind this week with July 2-6th. This will all pass eventually out there but find away to turn off the news, be happy, help others and stay out the craziness of world politics.
Hang in there. Some relief in the astrology starting July 5th but really have to get into September and the 2nd of October to get major relief. 

EYE ON THE SKY: ASTROLOGICAL WEATHER FORECAST There is a lot of underlying tension in the air. Some of it is because Saturn is retrograde into a more troubled part of the sign of Sagittarius into Mula nakshatra and is in the most difficult section of it until July 22nd but is still causing problems....