Friday, July 06, 2018

Woman without a Past:

She's a woman without a past.

The alchemy of her transformation has created this magic. Who she is now has no relation to who she had been. The wound is healed and the sad memories are erased. Her body is recalibrated.

She can no longer be sucked back into a tortured, painful past. The neural pathways to those tired, programmed responses are dissolved. Her mirror is no longer fragmented. In her 
healed body, her cells vibrate with new life and life-nourishing responses.

Remembrance now takes her directly to her expanded essence. She's back into her original story of connection, wholeness and wisdom.

Try asking her about her past, and she will tell you of the times she was a healer, a priestess, a medicine woman, a scientist, a story teller, a shaman, a seer, a musician, an artist, an oracle, a yogini, a tantrika, a midwife, a herbalist, a farmer, a record keeper, a sacred dancer, a visionary, a mythologist, a seamstress, a body worker, a witch, a queen, a warrior. And more. ॐ 

Sukhvinder Sircar
Art by Caroline Manière