Thursday, August 30, 2018

Cosmic story on Lord Krishna's birth ...

Cosmic Story

NARAYANEEYAM - Birth of Krishna

Narayana Bhattathri composed Narayaneeyam at a young age of 23. It is narrated as a direct conversation between the poet and Lord Krishna, in the temple of Guruvayoor, Kerala. Narayaneeyam is a compilation of 1036 hymns. It is a condensed form of one of the 18 puranas, Srimad bhagawatham. The hymns speak about the glories of Sri Narayana, and His avatars. This hymn has practically demonstrated the cure of the poet's disease, and is a tonic for longevity, health and happiness, for all those who approach it with sincerity of faith and devotion. 
The 38thDasakam, the poet describes the birth of Lord Krishna. Reading this collection of 10 hymns on Janmashtami is considered to be very auspicious. 

Oh Lord who is personification of complete joy,
When the time neared for your incarnation,
The rainy season came along with heavy rich clouds,
Which appeared as if is a powerful light emanating from you. ~38.1
When all the environment got cool due to the heavy rain,
And when all good people were joyous because due to fulfillment of their desires,
And at midnight when the moon has just risen , you were born in this world,
So that you can remove the sufferings of all the three worlds. ~38.2
In the room of your birth , though you were indeed a baby, 
Your bluish black cloud like form looked as if it was attracting all sorts of wealth,
And the dazzle of your crown , bangles and armlets was mixed along with, 
That of the conch, wheel, mace and lotus and was throwing light everywhere. ~38.3
Oh Lord, who was the son of Vasudeva , due to the look tinged with shyness,
Of Goddess Lakshmi who was completely merged in your chest,
The atmosphere in that place was so surcharged that, it looked as if,
That all the evils in that house due to badness of Kamsa would be swept away. ~38.4
Due to seeing you , who is even unattainable to sages , who have attained self control,
Vasudeva filled both his eyes with your very baby like form,
And was transported to great ecstasy and horripilation , and with choked emotion,
Sang your praises , with his eyes being filled up with honey like tears. ~38.5

That Vasudeva with a very joyous mind praised you like this,
" Oh God who is the divine spirit , be pleased with me,
You are the knife that cuts off the tender creeper of sorrow,
Please remove all my sorrow by your compassionate glance." ~38.6

You who were also praised by your mother Devaki ,
With eyes full of tears of joy , told your mother and father,
About the happenings in their previous two births,
And as per their request changed your divine form in to that of a baby. ~38.7

Due to your suggestion Vasudeva who was the son of Soora,
Readied himself to swap you with the daughter of Nandagopa,
And lifted you , who can be carried only by the mind of great saints,
By his two hands like a young swan seated on a lotus flower. ~38.8
Then the Yoga Maya , according to your suggestion,
Drowned all city people of the cowherd's place in to deep slumber,
And all the inanimate doors of the prison which were securely locked,
Opened by themselves and this indeed is nothing but wonderful. ~38.9

Then the very lucky Vasudeva carrying you was shown the way,
By Adhisesha who prevented him from getting drenched in the rain by his hoods,
And lighted his path by the gems on his head,
And Oh Lord of Guruvayur, who is like that please cure my diseases.  ~38.10