Thursday, August 30, 2018


"God and Brahman."
Question: We understand the relationship between Brahma and GOD, but we don`t understand very well the relationship between Brahman and GOD?
MAHARISHI: Brahman does not exist as Brahma exists or GOD exists, the creator. Brahman is the knower of Brahman - aham brahmasmi, `I am Brahman` and that thouart, you are also Brahman, and that all this is, this whole thing, third person also is Brahman. First person is Brahman, second person is Brahman, third person is Brahman, the entire whole thing is Brahman.
This is the knower, who knows it. He is Brahman. The knower, it is the knower.
Question: And then what would be the difference between Brahman and the Absolute?
MAHARISHI: Brahman and the Absolute - there is a difference between Brahman and the Absolute. See, the Absolute is, like the sap is. It is attributeless, there are no differences in the sap. The pink also comes from there, the green also comes from there, round comes from there, flat comes from there. All these different attributes come from the attributeless sap.
So sap is the Absolute of all these expressions. Sap is the absolute life of all the relative lives. So, the Absolute is. Like the existence of the Absolute there is no existence of Brahman other than the knower. Absolute is whether one knows it or not. It is there. Its validity is not dependent on the knower. If someone recognizes or doesn`t recognize, it doesn`t matter. The Absolute is, it is Isness.
Like that there is no Brahman. Brahman is not like the Absolute. Absolute has its validity whether someone knows it or not. But Brahman has no validity without the knower. This is a very great difference. When the knower identifies his Self with everything - when the knower knows everything in terms of his Self, then he is getting to be Brahman. And when he has actually known everything in terms of his Self, then he is Brahman. This in terms of my Self and this in terms of my Self, this means UC is growing.
And because the Absolute is that level of life which knows no differences, so that is a field of unity, like the vacuum state, flat at the basis of all things. But when the appreciation of that is more and more fully, when the appreciation of that is completely, infinitely in its wholeness, that becomes Brahman. And the substance that is omnipresent, everywhere it is there, whether one knows it or not, there is a level of non-changing reality, immortal, eternal, it doesn`t change, it is always there. That is the Absolute.
And realization of that in terms of one`s Self is Brahman. Brahman is there in terms of the knower. Absolute is there in terms of Being.