Sunday, August 26, 2018

Hatching Self-Mastery ...

This Full Moon cycle began with the New Moon Solar Eclipse on August 11.  As the final eclipse of the summer, this one promotes our ability to develop a self-mastery that goes far beyond just having a marvelous impact on others.  It asks us to dive in to discover the more deeply integrated one inside that supports a  brightness that lasts ongoingly. The creative urge in this cycle keys upon our insistence to bring optimal possibilities into tangible realities, here and now.  This initiated a process over the next nine months to develop new skills and commit to tasks that lead in the direction of self-mastery.

Today, and over the next two weeks as the full moon sheds a collective perspective on personal matters, we have a direct link into the world's fertile, future dream.  The degree frequency which illuminates this full moon in Aquarius heightens the need to get self-honest. Honest about who we feel called to be in that dream and how we can arise to the true need the future is cultivating in us.  

It isn't easy to distinguish between mental pictures we get caught in and the living future hatching on the inside.  Modern culture trains us in the art of materialistic ego. Living into pictures and performances of ourselves and our lives can feel more natural than being a real, fallable and honest human being.  

Consider spending the next two weeks showing up - as you are - with humility, surrender and bold courage to be aligned with the truth of your own human experience.  Dare yourself to be honest about what is real and possible through you. If you can practice paying attention to the way things are from within your own experience, a missing piece of self-mastery may fall into place.