Monday, August 20, 2018

MERCURY in forward motion now:

Mercury Retrograde period ended Aug 18. The planet of Rational Thinking, Ideas & Reasons, Communications, Speech & Writing, now returns to normal forward motion in the zodiac. But Mercury is still in trouble: it is still in sidereal Cancer, an emotions-based water sign, which hampers Mercury's rational reasoning. Opposite Mercury, in Capricorn, is its powerful enemy Mars, the planet of Conflict. Additionally, Mercury is accompanied by Rahu, the eclipse point signifying Obscuring, Confusion, Obsession. Mercury won't get away from all these influences until Sept 2, when it leaves Cancer and enters Leo.
Saturn is now Stationary in Sagittarius before it ends its Retrograde period on Sept 5. Stationary planets are Strong: Saturn is the planet of Reality, Structure, Time & Delay, The Established Order. Stationary Saturn doesn't change readily. Saturn doesn't really get moving until October.
Saturn is in an exact Trine Aspect with Uranus, which is also stationary at the beginning of its Retrograde Period which started Aug 7. The planet of Established Order and the planet of Rebellion are in a "cooperative" planetary pattern, indicating a lot of Confusion. Note that this is also Saturn, planet of The Working Class, in an encouraging aspect with Uranus planet of Realization, indicating potential for the Workers to come to their senses.