Friday, August 10, 2018



After a month long eclipse cycle with back to back eclipses, we gain some closure with this third and final solar eclipse on August 11th. If you haven't already experienced some sense of finale, look for resolution and closure after multiple weeks of intense emotional upheaval and shadow coming to light. Often you will notice resolution leading up to the eclipse or shortly thereafter. Part of this eclipse cycle has provoked confronting big challenges, inner and outer changes and an emotional intensity. Expect some softening and ease arriving as the dust settles.

The August new Moon occurs on the 11th at 05:58 am ET while Moon is in sidereal Cancer and Ashlesha nakshatra. Rahu is currently transiting Cancer, which inspires a certain intensity with all things Cancer. Heart, home, mother, emotional body, lungs, chest and land are receiving more focus right now. The feminine in general is front and center. Rahu is forcing the shadowed parts of the feminine to emerge more fully and discomfort with challenging emotions has intensified for many. You may have noticed that this eclipse portal has brought to light more emotional tenacity, grief and forced the feminine to be witnessed and acknowledged in new ways. 
Expect more of this theme during the new Moon and in the waxing cycle to come.