Thursday, August 02, 2018


This is the secret
most experts won't tell you:
You will only know true Happiness
when you learn to be fully unhappy.
Sounds crazy, right?
But your capacity for Joy grows
as you open your heart to sorrow.
As you learn to breathe into it,
embody it, make room for it
in your days.

Your heart is a muscle!
Sadness has its own sacred gymnasium
in which you build your tolerance for Joy.

Friend, when you shut off from ANY feeling,
you unconsciously numb yourself to the rest.

For we are all connected:
"Truly I tell you, whatever you did to one
of the least of my brothers and sisters,
you did it to me."

Let your heart open today to ALL feelings -
sadness, anger, fear, excitment, disgust...
Touch them at their core,
and let them touch you.
Don't think about them - just feel them in your body.
Don't be afraid - yet embrace fear if it comes, too.

Happiness is not a feeling or a state.
It is not a destination.
It is not a permanent experience.
It is not a goal.

It is a moment, drenched in fascination.
It is an instant, fully lived.
It is a vast living field of presence,
in which bliss and boredom,
despair and loneliness,
clarity and confusion,
are all essential parts,
integral parts, beloved parts,
parts that fulfil the field.

Happiness is wholeness.
And you need both joy AND sorrow
in order to be whole.