Friday, August 03, 2018

VENUS debilitated now until September 1st ...

Venus will be transiting in Virgo from August 1 to September 1, 2018. While it is in Virgo, Venus is debilitated. Virgo is a very analytical and critical sign. It makes sense that Venus, the planet of love, affection, and emotion, would be debilitated in a sign that is so mental. You've heard people say, "Get out of your head and into your heart!" Sometimes we make everything so cerebral, logical and analytical. It is one of the downfalls of living in a scientific age.   But that doesn't mean that there isn't a place for "mentalizing" your emotions. In fact, as I mentioned in the previous article, there is definitely a time and place for applying reason and analysis to your emotions.

I first started noticing Venus in Virgo in the natal charts of psychologists many years ago. I noticed a pattern that went like this. In his twenties,  with little life experience under his belt,  the person would get together with, or even marry, someone who has a number of qualities on his twenty-something check-list. Since this check list is primarily based on programming, and since this programming frequently doesn't match what the person really needs, the relationship would break down at some point, or possibly even end in divorce. Now, in a state of emotional pain and loss, the person asks the question, "What happened? Why didn't my relationship work?" It is at this point, that the person with Venus in Virgo starts to apply their intellect to the situation, and begins to read all about relationships and find out what when wrong.

Some of those Venus in Virgo people would even decide to go back to school and study psychology. Some even became psychologists, learning to use the analytical aspect of Virgo to analyze and understand their relationships. Armed with this new knowledge, they would hang up a shingle, and open an psychotherapy practice, helping other people to understand their relationships. It is no wonder that many of these psychologists and armchair psychologists ended up in my office, since astrology and psychology are so interconnected.

Anyway, such is the nature of Venus in Virgo. It works this way in a natal chart and it also has a similar influence when it is transiting (moving through the sky).  When it transiting Virgo, it helps us all understand our feelings.  emotions and relationship dynamics.  It  brings out the psychologist in each of us.  Aside from its emotional qualities, Venus in Virgo can also simply be a time for fixing and improving various areas of life. 

Venus is debilitated in Virgo, so when it is transiting this sign, it can bring a feeling of stress, limitation, or challenge, to some are of life.
The specific area of life that is challenged depends on the house it is transiting and the houses it owns in your individual chart.  Once you identify an area of life that is being affected by the transit, the idea is to use your emotions to feel the discomfort. Emotions are an amazing window into your soul. If you use them with awareness, they will act like an infallible compass that guides you towards inner awakening.  If, for example, you find yourself strapped with expenses while Venus is in Virgo, and if this creates emotional distress,  then the idea is to not avoid the feeling, but to allow yourself to feel it. As you feel it, ask yourself, where is this coming from. Is your reaction somehow linked to an experience in your past.  Some people even use journaling as a way to trace the emotions back to their source. Once you can find the emotions source, you are in a position to understand it, re-frame it, and possibly even free yourself  from its grip.

Feeling the emotion also has another value, it allow you to get good and fed up with the situation and to develop a good deal of motivation to make a change. In the financial limitation example, if you can get totally fed up with not having enough money, it will give you the motivation to make a change, and do something about it. This can be internal, as in reframing your experience, living within your means, and learning to be happy with what you have. Or it can be external, as in looking for a better job or going back to school to increase your financial potential. In either case, the emotional discomfort becomes the fuel you use to give you the motivation to make needed changes.

If you identify an area of life that seems difficult, during this period, remember to feel your angst and not to run away from it. Explore it. Get into it. Ask yourself what the feeling is revealing to you about yourself. When you are done, get up and do something about it!