Saturday, September 29, 2018

Ancestral Karma ...

Pitru-Paksha -Ancestral Fortnight began with the Full Moon 🌕 in sidereal Pisces in the lunar mansion Star Nakshatra ⭐️ of Uttara Bhadrapada ushering in the two week period of Pitru-Paksha or ‘The Forefather Fortnight’ that lasts until Monday, October 8th. 
During this two-week period it is believed to be a time when the veil between the human- gross and spirits- astral worlds are especially transparent. 
Prayers with Tarpana offerings are given to one’s departed ancestors during this auspicious time since it is believed to be readily received by ancestors according to the great Siddhas. 
Through consciously connecting with one’s ancestors through a Traditional prayer offering called Tarpana; this offering is given to the departed family ancestral lineage who have shaped one’s destiny. It is expressed with reverence, gratitude and acknowledgement.
During these two weeks this heightened gateway is opened during these offerings through intention and prayers for the removal and the transformation of compulsions and stuck behavior that have formed from collective ancestral patterns. 
This offering of Tarpana with traditional prayer may include favorite food and drink items of those departed or white rice flour with black sesame seeds . Mentally a prayer is offered for thankfulness, lasting peace to one’s family and lineage, and asking for blessings to living family members. The offering can be placed in the ocean, near water, or a running stream. 
Since this time of reverence and reflecting, we refrain from new beginnings of marriages, purchasing a home, contracts or starting a new business. 
Pitri-Paksha unfolds yearly during the dark half of a lunar month. The 2 lunar mansions Nakshatras: the Bhadrapada coincides with the Full Moon 🌕 of either Poorva Bhadrapada or Uttara Bhadrapada. These stars ⭐️ known as ‘The Scorching Pair’ are symbolized as the front and back halves respectively of a funeral cot, symbolizing the other-worldliness and the ability to walk between human and otherworldly realms.