Sunday, September 30, 2018

Astro Psychology ...

The Psychology of the Astrological Houses and Human Development:

The movement through life is intimately connected to the journey through the zodiacal signs, the houses. The first house is our birth, the 2nd moving into our family circle and the 3rd moving out of the house into our neighborhood. The 4th house is connected to emotional development and moving out of the house and getting our own space. The 5th house is about expressing who we are and is to spiritual initiations, creating children and exerting our creativity energies in recreation, sports and drama. The 6th house is about being disciplined and moving into everyday work. The 7th house is about partnership and relationship followed by the 8th house where a crisis divorce, accident or illness propels us into the 9th house to search for meaning in our life and find God and answers to why we suffer. The 10th house shows our desire to have status and be recognized for the work we do and then once we are mature and have status we move into our community to do service work in groups in the 11th house. At the 12th house we are learning the true meaning of service and sacrifice for others and desire to move off of the karmic wheel and attain moksha or enlightenment.