Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Backyard Medicine:

September 12, 2018

We Recommend  Tonya Judd, M.H.

One of our goals here at the School of Natural Healing is to help you to be successful as you move forward in your journey toward a healthier life. We want you to be successful, not frustrated. Switching to a plant-based lifestyle can be confusing and seem labor intensive. It doesn’t need to be. When we find a product, an idea or a form of social media that will help support and empower in you in achieving your goals for a happy and healthy life-style, we want to share those with you.  

I just found the Forks Over Knives magazine. What a happy surprise! This is the ideal magazine format. There are no ads and it is packed with plant-based recipes along with beautiful color photos for each recipe. Each edition includes stories of individuals who have reversed disease by switching to a whole food, plant-based lifestyle.

These magazines are more cookbook, than magazine, which can be added to your plant-based recipe collection.  

Forks Over Knives has several other supportive materials on their website that you might enjoy as well.  The first is a meal planning service which you can try for free. Each week you are sent recipes for the entire week along with a shopping list. Your meal plan includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and occasional treat. You also have the option of swapping a recipe should you need to. They have also included a weekend meal-prep section which is very helpful and informative.

If you haven’t viewed the Forks Over Knives Documentary, I would highly recommend you do so. The documentary was released in 2011, yet the information is still eye-opening.