Wednesday, September 12, 2018


"Who deserves Grace and mercy? Where does it come from?
What is it? 
Grace is not 'deserved'. One does not 'earn' Grace. Grace showers you with mercy. Grace is the nature of God. Grace changes everything in one moment. 
This is the nature of love. Divine love. This is a love that supersedes all conditions. All limitations. All changing circumstances. It is permanent. Never changing. All-pervading. You do not follow someone around for 'Grace'. You do not have to wait or not wait. It just is. Grace is the ultimate act of surrender. 
Does a flower have to 'earn' its blossoms? Grace will completely change your destiny, or karma. There is no defining it. You will know when it happens. 
The 'impossible' occurs. A miracle happens. Or you are simply allowed to continue on with your life. This is a great privilege. It is a rare opportunity to awaken. The scripture say that a human life is precious. 
If you see your life as a superimposition on Reality (divinity, God ) you will understand what is going on. 
Reality is eternal compassion, omniscient Awareness. Bliss."
Copyright Robert Adams