Friday, September 14, 2018


~ Within our modern culture,
there is an illusion, 
that has been imprinted upon each of us,
it is the illusion of what real success 
and happiness is. 

We see people in our society, 
and celebrities of various kinds,
chasing and acquiring more and more wealth, 
material possessions and power,
and they appear to be happy and successful 
at their attempts to manipulate life 
into serving their needs.

What is soon realized, 
is that this kind of success, 
that we are told to strive for, 
is very far from true, real and deep,
meaningful fulfillment and happiness. 

It's all just a surface level success,
just a thin shell, very hollow underneath.
These people are not really as happy 
as they appear to be. 

They have learned manipulation,
but they have not learned how to develop
themselves and how to grow into higher
quality human beings.

This is why many times, so called
successful people, end up angry,
depressed and suffering from many 
kinds of other issues.
They will put on a face that it's all so good,
but, it really is not. 

Real success and fulfillment comes
only through the inner engineering
and growth of your inner self,
never will it come by chasing down
anything outside of you.

What society typically calls "success"
and what we are seeking as happiness
and fulfillment, are, in today’s world,
on opposite sides of the spectrum.

To achieve happiness, 
you must learn to let go of continuously
chasing more and more “things,”
and bring it into balance by going after
achieving your own inner balance,
thereby bringing into your life,
a greater satisfaction, more gratitude
and peace. 

Society’s view of ‘success” is largely
about manipulating reality to fit you. 
Happiness is the opposite of that,
its more about learning to surrender yourself,
to reality and to much of what is,
especially that which is beyond you,
which will never change for you. 

Surrendering yourself,
and to understand that life and joy
are not all about getting everything
you want, and being ok with that,
is one of the wisest lessons
that you will ever learn.

Happiness will always be about gratitude,
with being happy and ok 
with exactly whatever you have, 
right now, in this moment,
even if you have very little ~

~ Meno ~