Saturday, September 22, 2018

Intense MA/KE conjunction: It's over - take it easy - that was a doozy:)

There is Currently a Special Astrological Event in Which Mars and Ketu Will Align to The Exact Same Degree in Capricorn. This Alignment Which Has Already Crossed Twice Due to Mars Retrograde, Has Gone Into It’s Final and Most Intense Alignment of 2018. The Exact Alignment and Peak of This Event Took Place Between 4 and 7 AM Based on Eastern Standard United States Time on The Morning of Saturday, September 22nd. While The Peak Astrological Event Occurred on September 22, The Mars Ketu Conjunction Lasts Until Nov 5. This Signifies a Transition Time to Implement and Integrate Our Evolution and Transformation That We Experience During This Profound Ketu Mars Astrological Event.
Wherever Capricorn is Placed In The Natal Chart, The Native Might Find Intense Alterations, and Change. For Example If One Finds Capricorn in 10th House, Than Changes/Challenges with Career, but If Capricorn 5th House, Than Changes or Challenges with Ones Offspring. These Challenges and Changes That Result From This Conjunction are Never Easy or Comfortable to Confront, and Can Often Cause Concentrations of Anger, Irritability, and Discontentedness, When We Do Not Confront The Lessons and Morals of Our Challenges or Changes Head On. Also Due to Ketu’s Moksha Significations, The Individual Ego or Ahamkar (Separative Identity) is Humbled, and Pejoratively “Taken Down a Noch.” Which Can Also Cause Reactive Tendencies of Anger, Aggression, and Power Tripping, or Egoism, because Whenever Our Ego is Hurt or Damaged, We Cling to It for Dear Life, Out if Fear That We Might Lose Our Sense of Self, or Identity. 
This Event Suggests, There is No Greater Time in The Universe to Use The Action Oriented and Accomplishing Nature of The Exalted Mars Position, to Push Past Our Unwillingness to Accept Change and Transformation When It Comes Into Our Lives. Also To Surrender Our Ego and Thank The Universe When it Humbles Us for There is No Greater Closeness to The Divine, Then We Find Through Humility.
May We All Take Refuge In and Embrace The Nature of Our Karmic Evolution.
Aum Amriteshwaryai Namah
Aum Namah Shivaya