Sunday, September 02, 2018



Krishna Janmashtami falls on Ashtami thithi, Rohini nakshatram during Shravana masa. Lord Vishnu took form as Krishna to end the sufferings of His devotees on earth. His greatness is spoken of by many great devotees, who have composed many hymns in His praise. Jayadevar's poetic work, Gita Govindam, is written expressing in Nayaka-Nayaki Bhava which is akin to the relationship between the Jiva and Ishwara, in aspects such as the experience of union and devotion. Here, Krishna is the Paramatman, Radha the Jivatman, and the friend is the Acharya.
The poets look at Krishna as a child, as a lover, as Almighty, as a savior, as a friend. That He can be all of them, is the reason Krishna is the favorite of both kid and adults. And Krishna Janmashtami is a celebration enjoyed by all ages