Tuesday, September 25, 2018

MARS/KETU by James Kelleher ...

I have been writing about the transit of Mars in Capricorn and its conjunction with Ketu. I mentioned that Mars is the planet that rules over the fire element, and that this conjunction increases heat. In the first article, I related this to the volcanic big eruptions taking place in Hawaii. Over the summer we have had another expression of this transit, in the form of massive wildfires and record heat waves.
Mars and Ketu will be transiting in the same sign, from May 3 to November 5, 2018. During that time, there are three exact conjunctions, June 7th, July 19, and, today, September 25th. Near those conjunctions, about 10 days on either side, the energies of Mars and Ketu are at a peak, and interesting events tend to take place. Since June 7th and July 19th have already passed, it would be interesting to look at what took place in the days surrounding those conjunctions. This can give us a hint at what types of events could take place as we get nearer to the last conjunction, September 25th.
First, Mars and Ketu are Pitta or fiery planets. A few days before the first conjunction in June, the lava began to flow from Kiluea, displacing thousands of residents, and wiping out massive sections of the landscape. Temperatures soared in June world wide. Near the end of June, the North American Heat Wave began on June 28th. It makes sense that near the third conjunction on September 25th there may be a reiteration, revisiting, or finalizing of some of these events, and possibly other events that have a fiery nature.
On another note, Mars and Ketu are technical planets. Very near the first conjunction, the world's most powerful super computer was unveiled. It's called the Summit computer and it can do 200,000 trillion calculations per second. Near the second conjunction, Facebook made history by losing 20 per cent of its stock value. Welcome to the retrograde version of Mars and it's conjunction with Ketu. It lost $123 billion in one day! We can watch to see if, near September 25th, either of these events is revisited, finalized, or if any new technology-related events take place.
Mars and Ketu also represent war, weapons, and military generals.. It suggests secret dealings, intrigues, and covert actions. It is interesting to note that during the first conjunction of Mars and Ketu in June, President Trump met with North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un. He did not confront him or ask for anything significant. He basically validated him and complimented him, giving him greater political status on the world political stage. Kim Jong Un promised to give up his weapons and to be nice in return. The timing of the meeting, as well as Kim Jong Un's nature, tells us that this is unlikely to happen. But we can always hope.
Very near the second conjunction, in July, President Trump met with Vladimir Putin. He asked him if the Russians were involved in the election hacking. Putin said, "No". Trump said that he had no reason to doubt him, and invited Putin to visit the United States. It will be interesting to see if, near the third conjunction, Trump follows up with either of these two leaders, or if he has any more dictators he would like to invite to visit. In fact, it occurs to me, that during the first conjunction of Mars and Ketu, in June, Trump also withdrew the USA from the H.R.C., the Human Rights Council. Maybe on the third conjunction he could invite lots of dictators to visit the United States and form a new Counsel, the WDRC or World Dictator Rights Council. Now that might be an organization that Mr. Trump might like to join.
In any case, Mars is now direct. This is positive thing in general. However, sometimes challenging events still take place as Mars retraces the territory it lost during its retrograde phase. The hot summer fires may be over, but the sparks can still fly for a while.