Saturday, September 08, 2018


May LOVE, PEACE and TRUTH Enter the heart of humanity
So that we understand 
That we are all 
cells in the great body of
The Divine Mother and Father
And realise that we are ONE
One with the Divine 
And ONE with each other
In truth we have never been appart
We are all equal
And it is time to act 
As ONE humanity
Embracing all of who we are
Including our darkest shadow 
As well as 
Our brightest light
And everyone outside
Only then
Can we comprehend
The sacred mystery of creation
For it was LOVE 
That created all and everything
And realise 
LOVE is the true name of God
And since 
We are his/ her creation
We are also named LOVE
LOVE yourself
So that you can LOVE one another
LOVE dissolves 
All illusion and ignorance
Gives birth to TRUTH
So that we may understand
So that PEACE can come
And Heaven descend on earth