Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Preparing for GANESHA's Birthday ...

Aum Jyotishe Namaha

One of the 108 names of Ganesha is Jyotish. He is the embodiment of the complete ocean of knowledge of Jyotish.

We see hints of Jyotish in the story of His birth. It is the story of transformation of Nayaka to Vinayaka.

Transformation is the key to His birth and wisdom. In Jyotish, the natural sign Scorpio and the natal bhava of the 8th symbolize transformation.

We see the head of an elephant as a key parameter to His being established by His father - Shiva. Elephant is represented in jyotish by Jupiter. Shiva is atma-swarupa and in this case can be represented by the Sun.

The body without a head is represented by Ketu. Body is represented by the Lagna Bhava.

Another name of Navamsa is Dharmamsa and I have personally seen people with Navamsa Lagna association with Ketu, Guru and Surya to have a keen interest in jyotish or related subjects.

The sign Scorpio and the 8th Bhava has a lot to do with Jyotish too.

During these 10 days of Ganesha Puja, recitation of shastras, science, arts pleases Ganesha a lot.

For me Ganesha is EVERYTHING. He shows us the path. For us, there is no Jyotish without Him. He is our Dharma and our Karma.

Remembering Ganesha as the Lord of Jyotish always brings a big smile on our face.

(In the picture, Ganesha is with His two wives Riddhi and Siddhi)

Ekadantya vidmahe
Vkratundaya dhimahi
Tano dantih prachodayat