Saturday, September 22, 2018


Shani (Saturn) Trayodashi - Sep 22, 2018

When Trayodashi tithi falls on a Saturday it is called “Shani Trayodashi” and it is one of the MOST important days to worship Lord Shani. It happens upto 3 times in a year, and in 2018 this is the last occurrence of Shani Trayodashi. 

Especially for people who are undergoing difficult Saturn transits such as “Sade Sati”, “Ashtama Shani”, “Kantaka Shani”, “Saturn Returns” etc. Offering worship to Lord Shani on Shani Tryodashi is extremely effective.

Shani Trayodashi Rituals

1. Fasting - You can either do a full fast (Do not eat from Sunrise Saturday until sunrise Sunday) or a partial fast (Do not eat from Sunrise to Sunset on Saturday).

2. Read a few chapters from “The Greatness of Saturn - A Therapeutic Myth” 

3. Worship Lord Hanuman by listening to or chanting The Hanuman Chalisa.

4. Light a Lamp with Sesame oil at sunset. 

5. Meditate  -  Shani moves slowly and takes around 29.5 years to go around the zodiac. When you meditate it helps you slow down and take a pause which results in absolute rejuvenation of both your body and soul.

6. Japa - You can chant any Shani Mantra for a minimum of 108 times.

7. Likhita Japa - Likhita japa is the written version of repeating mantras. You have to experience this to believe it. When you take a mantra and start writing, you will feel ecstatic and peaceful. It brings you great strength from within. 

8. Avoid Shopping if you can especially leather items, oil, umbrella, shoes, etc.

9. Donate - You can donate money or your time in helping people who are less fortunate than you.

10. Worship Goddess Sarvamangala - The ruling deity of Trayodashi Tithi.