Monday, September 03, 2018

The celestial Update:

It's always lovely when a planet transitions into one of its favorite signs. It will feel more balanced and harmonious-
rather than in an extreme.

As of September 1st, Venus moves to its own sign, Libra- 
a place that exemplifies integration, balance and equilibrium for the planet of harmony. Venus joins Jupiter here in Libra and is now outside the gaze of Saturn and Ketu. Venus is also no longer debilitated! More fluidity and momentum with all things Venus will benefit us during this transit.

The conjunction of Venus and Jupiter will cause some expansion, awareness and wisdom to arrive with this theme of balance and harmony. However Venus and Jupiter don't love each other as much as one would hope. Jupiter is the guru of the devas (sattvic gods and purity within), whereas Venus is the guru of the asuras (the demons or human qualities within). Thus there is a conflict between the spiritual and the human desires here. Jupiter will start his year long transit into Scorpio on October 11th, ending this conjunction.

Are you in conflict between opposing desires? What binaries are rising to the surface asking for you to look more closely? What needs to move or change in order for more balance?

This transit is unusual in length. Normally a one month transit, Venus will retrograde on October 5th and won't go direct until he's at the very edge of Libra on November 16th. Venus will then retrace his steps back through Libra and will shift into Scorpio on January 1st 2019. The full duration of this transit will last four months!

Not only unusual, but this strangely extended transit has the remarkable ability to soothe and harmonize the polarities that have been at play for months. We've been seeing this imbalance surface with masculine/feminine, misuse of power, self/other, doing less/pushing and forcing, spiritual/material, shadow/light. These themes will continue to rise to the surface as exalted Mars finishes his extended transit through Capricorn on November 5th. The harmonizing influence of this Venus transit will support resolution and new integration.

Notice what is rising to the surface right now. What conflicts need your attention? What extremes are surfacing? What binaries are forcing you into attraction/repulsion. Where can you find more gentleness and ease?

The medicine for this cycle is to seek balance, harmony, the middle Way. Use least force and feel the wisdom of gentleness. Healing never comes through force.

Venus is the planet that connects to life force energy or Shakti. Healing comes with greater life force or nourishment. Venus supports, sustains, comforts and nourished through creativity, Shakti, harmony, beauty, the feminine, love, money and the receptive or feeling level. Venus loves Libra for the reason that ultimate harmony and balance is supported in this sign.

It's time to create and get creative! Use this powerful time wisely to create your offerings and share with others. Libra loves marketing and connecting! Share, connect, co-create, mingle, expand your reach.

This extended transit will give you plenty of time to focus on relationships, the mirror of "other" and finding more balance between self and other. Expand and open to possibilities. Seek harmony and flow between opposing forces. Find integration and balance through the pelvis. Align with sustainable pleasure and nourishment.

Notice where Libra lives in your Jyotish chart in order to refine this understanding. These house themes will be be surfacing for you in the months ahead.

Enjoy the balance, beauty, harmony and flow!