Monday, September 10, 2018

The Internal Prison:

Release from emotional prison.

Realize you are not alone in your suffering. Others have experienced similar hurts. It may be helpful now to reach out to a support group. There are groups for every tragic circumstance in life, from being the adult child of an alcoholic to being a parent of a murdered child. Your suffering may be deep and terrible, but it is not unique. You do not have to be alone.

Consider also how you have grown and changed as a result of your life experiences. You would never have willingly chosen them, and I wish you could have been spared that pain, but they have shaped you and contributed to making you the person you are today. That person is worthy and lovable.

Yes, forgiving other people, but know that self-forgiveness is equally important. This same four-step process can be used in forgiving yourself. When you use the steps, do so from the point of view of a friend who loves you