Friday, September 07, 2018

When LOVE rules the day ...

~ Remember all the moments in life
where love ruled the day. 

We were holding the ones we love,
our parents, our children, our lovers,
close friends, cherished ones.

In those moments you were united
and filled with beautiful energy. 
a blissful connection to life,
a fullness of being. 

All those moments are signs that
show where the true treasures are,
that will fill our hearts. 

You have come to this place,
and you have experienced, felt
and been touched by the beauty.

The beauty is within us all.
The beauty is in you,
and is also you. 
Breath it in,
increase its flow. 

Let it fill your heart, soul and mind. 
Be continuously connected with it,
in all the areas of your life and you
will see life continuously flourish. 

Within each fresh and newly 
formed day,
let it lead you and overflow you 
in all of it's joyous and blissful ways ~

~ Meno ~