Sunday, October 07, 2018

From the SAI BABA temple, Cedar Park, TX, USA ...

Devi Navarathri is solely dedicated to Goddess Durga in Her many forms. She is the energy or 'Shakthi swaroopam of Lord Shiva. She is portrayed as the ferocious protector of the righteous and destroyer of evil. She is depicted as the  Goddess with eighteen hands, holding various weapons and riding the lion. 
At the temple, every year, Devi Navarathri is celebrated elaborately. Devi is worshipped in many forms and ways, including, archana, homa, parayana and more. 

Navarathri is celebrated in different ways in different parts of India. In Southern parts of India, elaborate doll arrangements depicting various forms of Devi and many stories from Hindu legends are shared. It is also a time for fast and special worship of Devi. In Andhra, Bathukamma Sambralu is observed during this time. Women prepare beautiful decorative cones made of fresh flowers with a figure of Devi adorning the top. In Western India, the ten days of Dusshera are celebrated with song and dance in honor of May Durga. Garba and Dandiya are forms of dance is very special during this season. With a form a Devi placed in the center, men and women dance around circles to festive music. 


Please refer below for detailed schedule. Sign up for the various events during NAVARATHRI/DUSSHERA using the link MAA DURGA.