Thursday, October 11, 2018


Jupiter aka Brihispati aka Guru has crossed the border of Libra and is now in Scorpio land. This will mean many things to many people it will all depend on where Scorpio is in your chart and if your Jupiter is strong or weak. 

Recently I have been finding that many people in the West hate Guru's because of abuses that have been going on. Guru represents many things and one of those things is Jupiter, you may want to get rid of Guru but he is in your life one way or another. As I said GURU represents more than just an abusive rouge teacher. There is much for westerners to learn about Jupiter and the biggest is to learn Good Judgement because that is one of the things Jupiter aka Guru signifies.

Instead of throwing out all Judgement and the Guru, develop Jupiters qualities within you. Do you have good Judgement have you developed this necessary quality in life? Work on GOOD JUDGEMENT rather than saying all (Guru's) are bad. Develop your GOOD JUDGEMENT. All the 9 Graha's (Planets) have something to teach us and Good Judgement fall under Jupiter aka Guru.

Jupiter in Scorpio, mystical secrets, can you use your Good Judgement in keeping secrets. Can you dig deep and find your own Good Truths and then Use Your own Good Judgement to make appropriate decisions.

People say never judge someone, I disagree you have to judge every minute of the day to make GOOD decisions (discernments) Mercury. Everybody must develop GOOD JUDGEMENT otherwise why Jupiter, why Guru, each planet has a purpose and has a place in our lives. Go to the area you are weak and develop that, you do not need an astrologer to tell you this, it is common sense. If you have a weak Jupiter develop that. Jai Guru, Om Sri Guravae Namaha

Never throw the baby out with the bathwater.
Trishula Das

Jai Guru Jai Guru Jai Guru

ART Pieter Weleteverde