Monday, October 29, 2018

November forecast by Joni Patry:

November Spiritual Insights and Predictions:

Many planets are shifting in November  creating a different landscape. Jupiter’s transit into Scorpio is beginning to shift our attention to a more passionate way of looking at the world. Mars as the dispositor of Jupiter is finally leaving Capricorn, transiting into Aquarius November 7th . Mars in Capricorn with Ketu for the past six months brought the planet to a boiling point with fires and volcanic eruptions.
Venus turns direct on the same day that Mercury turns retrograde, November 16th. Watch for many reversals. Neptune will turn direct November 19th . As Mars nears Neptune there will be a change of scenery.
The superficiality of the past year is over, the reality and truth will surface. The hidden truths are revealed. Now we have the ability to peer into the deepest issues that have controlled our world, issues of spirituality, religion, governments, and life after death. The limited mind set of the past is breaking down, and fears about these truths are dissolving.
The cycles of the planets are unraveling the truth. Now that Jupiter is in Scorpio interest in metaphysical science and life after death will become a scientific study with real answers. As Mars transits through the signs throughout the year it dictates the focus of the world. This is the power of the dispositing planets. Mars is the dispositor of Jupiter because Jupiter is in Scorpio, and Scorpio is ruled by Mars. Dispostors are the core essence of a planet. Saturn in Sagittarius surfaces the truth behind religions threatening the past beliefs and faith. Jupiter is the dispositing planet of Saturn because Jupiter rules Sagittarius, and Jupiter concerns religion and beliefs.
Venus is in Libra till January 1st, and Venus as ruler of Libra is powerful. Venus in Libra teaches us how to relate to others and learn how to heal relationships, imparting the power and essence of love. This retrograde cycle shows us the meaning of love. Retrograde planets become the focus of the heavens since they are transiting a different direction. Venus is retrograde only 42 days, but stays in Libra for 4 months. Relationships may heal or break up, it forces us to awaken to healing the heart.
Uranus is opposed Venus, awakening love. But the real issue is self-love, and Venus will attract or dissolve relationships, depending on the what is for our highest good. Bad relationships dissolve and good relationships grow.
The movement to a better world with love, compassion and awareness is developing. The forces of ignorance are digging in their heels, but the quest for purpose, meaning and truth will prevail. There will be many astounding revelations, as layer after layer of the truth are uncovered.
Mars will transit into Aquarius this month indicating a need to heal humanity. As it transits with Neptune the next two months past issues concerning greed around oil and gas surface worldwide. The economy will change and eventually direct us to a better place once the fallout is complete. The U.S. will become independent with their own oil reserves infuriating the Middle East.
Realize since oil prices will escalate the stock market will begin to become even more unstable, but investing in oil stock will be lucrative for those who want to take advantage of the markets.
As Jupiter and Rahu mutually aspect each other by trine this will increase other commodities such as gold. This also represents powerful leadership around the world.
There will be someone rise in position and power that can direct and help government affairs, and give rise to new possibilities for the 2020 elections.
This month is a turning point on many fronts globally. Watch how many situations begin to change the world outlook and economy.
We are becoming our own teachers and leaders within ourselves. The human race is becoming empowered because people are realizing their own power. We must realize we create the world we want to live in. We co-create our lives. It is time to manifest our dreams and goals by knowing we have the power. You can create your world by changing your thoughts and shifting your emotions and beliefs. Now is the time!